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Step into the future of journal management with Kryoni, Say goodbye to the complexities of manuscript submission, peer review, and production management. Our streamlined solution unifies all pre-production activities into one seamless interface.

One platform for every step of journal production.


We simplify every step of the journey, ensuring an exceptional experience for editors, authors, and reviewers. By centralizing all pre-production activities in one software, our solution sets a new standard in the publishing industry.

                                                                             Experience the future of journal management with our innovative platform.
Submit. Track. Manage


Design an effortless manuscript submission and tracking experience for authors using our Kryoni editorial office. Our user-friendly platform streamlines the submission process, making it simple for authors to share their work. From initial submission to editorial review and publication, authors have full visibility into the status of their work.

Accelerating Research Excellence: Minimizing Delays, Maximizing Impact!

Peer review

Peer review is a cornerstone of scholarly publishing, ensuring the integrity and significance of academic contributions.

With Kryoni Editorial, Say goodbye to extensive review durations. Experience a peer-review solution renowned for its efficiency and quality.

Our system allows for adding numerous users and enables the customization of workflows to cater to various review types, whether open, single-blind, or double-blind. Kryoni provides editors with tools to select reviewers based on expertise and ratings, offering informed feedback to authors and suggesting revisions as needed. Moreover, Kryoni's editorial office expedites communication through tailored email templates, thereby reducing delays in the review process.

Choose Kryoni Peer Review System for a quality-driven journal management process.

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The Journey From Elevating Manuscripts to Publication


The copy-editing process is a vital checkpoint in the publication journey, where manuscripts undergo comprehensive review and refinement, and meticulous attention is paid to ensure correct grammar, adherence to style guidelines, and proper formatting.

Transformation and Formatting for Digital Publication


Following this, the copyedited files are transformed and formatted into various formats such as HTML, XML, and PDF, for publishing on the journal's website.


User-friendly Interface

Our system provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring that authors, editors, and reviewers can easily navigate the platform. This reduces the learning curve and improves the submission process.

Real-time Tracking

Editorial users actively track the progress of their submissions in real- time. This feature provides immediate updates and engagement throughout the submission and review process .

Plagiarism Checks

Creating a unique journal is more important. We've got a tool to check for plagiarism and make sure your journal maintains the originality of the submitted work.


Our journal management software handles a large volume of submissions, and it facilitates seamless editorial operations, maintaining efficiency throughout the process.

Automated Reminders

Our System automates reminders for authors, editors, and reviewers. This feature enhances efficiency and streamlines the submission process effectively.

Submission Analytics

Our software gives you a complete overview of submission trends, review times, and author demographics. These analytics features help in data-driven decision-making and improving the editorial process..

Our company was experiencing rapid growth, so we needed a rock solid platform to support us, and Stratus enabled us to reach new heights.

Jane Warren
Customer, CEO

What Sets Us Apart

Kryoni editorial office is an open-source software as a service model, This approach ensures easy accessibility for all users, significantly reducing installation time and server costs. With this model, we prioritize accessibility and affordability while maintaining high-quality service and functionality.


Higher Productivity

Increase productivity by automating tasks and streamlining workflows, resulting in time and resource savings.

Cost efficient

Kryoni operates on a cost-efficient model by leveraging open-source software, eliminating the need for server expenses. Users are only required to make payments upon the approval of each submissions

Data-Driven Decisions

Use submission analytics to improve your publication's efficiency and quality.

User Training and Support

We provide training materials and customer support to help users easily use the software, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and continuous system utilization.


Whether you're managing a small journal or a large conference, our system is scalable to meet your needs.

24/7 Support

We offers round-the-clock support to its users, ensuring assistance is available whenever needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Kryoni Editorial Office is versatile and adaptable to various publication types, Its flexible configuration options allow customization to suit the unique requirements and workflows of different publishing domains.

We prioritize user-friendliness and intuitive design to enhance user experience and adoption. 

Starting with the Kryoni editorial office is straightforward! Just contact our team to arrange a demo. Our specialists will assist you in getting started, offering training and support, and aiding you in customizing the platform to align with your unique requirements and goals. Alternatively, you can just download and utilize the platform with the guidance of our training materials.

At Kryoni, safeguarding data security and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations are paramount to us. We implement various measures such as encryption protocols, regular audits, access controls, and adherence to relevant privacy laws to uphold the integrity and protection of your data.

Yes, Kryoni Editorial Office provides powerful analytics and reporting tools to help publishers and editors gain insights into their editorial processes, track key performance metrics, identify trends, and make informed decisions.

 Editorial users can gain complete visibility into the status of their submissions via the dashboard. This means they have access to detailed information and updates regarding the progress of their work, facilitating efficient monitoring and management of tasks.

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